Video Vignettes of Women Who Abuse
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In collaboration with the professional filmmakers at Kaeco Productions and Derringer Productions and Post, Terry A. Moore, LCAC produced a series of 13 video vignettes specifically designed for conducting his Cognitive Accountability Training model classes with abusive women.

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Our Abusive Women DVD is now also available for purchase online. The first DVD is only $149.95 and then you can add more copies for only $50 each.

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You can watch one of our videos free on YouTube. This option is for personal viewing only, not to use in conducting classes or counseling.

Beware!!  We've often been asked, "Why should I buy your videos when I can simply use scenes from entertainment movies and motion pictures?"

Here's the reason.  If you use a scene from a motion picture in your class or group you're committing an illegal copyright violation.  On the front page of the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation website it says,  "DVDs have long been a great way to entertain and train. But unless you’re viewing them privately inside your home, a public performance license is required to avoid copyright infringement.  Many organizations, facilities and companies are exposing themselves to copyright infringement when using audiovisual works, whether movies, TV programs, or any entertainment video, for seemingly innocent purposes."

Sure you probably won't get caught right?  But do you really want to be that person?  You know, the one who is teaching how to make good healthy choices while committing an illegal act yourself?  Our videos are owned by us and by purchasing or renting from us you are purchasing the public performance rights to use it for teaching your clients.  You'll feel better about yourself knowing you're doing the right thing.  On that note, please don't make illegal copies of our videos.  Thank you for being a person of integrity and doing what is right and being a positive model for others.

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